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Bush Christmas

Available late Term 4

Note: we can also facilitate a Bush craft alternative that addresses the same outcomes without referencing Christmas.

Science and technology – living world, Geography – people live in places

Program overview

Students learn about Australia's unique animals through an Australian Christmas story, craft activities and music. Students participate in craft activities including decorating a calico bag and gift wrap. They learn and sing an Australian Christmas song and accompany it with bush instruments.

Each participating school receives a native plant to improve habitat in their school grounds.

Session details

75 minutes. Up to 3 sessions (one class each) per day.

All sessions must be held in the same room due to the large amount of equipment and set-up required. Room and supply requirements will be detailed on your booking sheet.

Key syllabus outcomes

  • Students explore the characteristics, needs and uses of living things (STe-3LW-ST)
  • Students identify places and develop an understanding of the importance of places to people (GEe-1)
  • Students experiment with a range of media in selected forms (CA-VAES1.2)

Inquiry questions

  • What do we notice about living things?
  • How can we look after the places we live in?


Science and technology - Characteristics and basic needs of living things


  • recognise that living things have basic needs including air, food and water (ACSSU002)
  • compare the basic needs of some plants and animals

Geography – People live in places


  • investigate the importance of places they live in and belong to, for example: (ACHGK002, ACHGK004)
    • discussion of why places are special and how people care for them
    • explanation of why people need to take care of places

Learning experiences

Story Time

Students listen to the text, Snowy’s Christmas by Sally Murphy and David Murphy.

Interactive presentation

Students are introduced to a range of native Australian animals through an interactive presentation and preserved animals. They consider ways to reduce waste during the holiday time before participating in hands-on craft activities.

Craft activities

Students rotate through a range of craft activities including: creating a calico gift bag using native animal stencils; decorating large pieces of paper (reused) to make gift wrap; and making a gift card.


Students sing an Australian Christmas song and accompany it with homemade bush instruments.


All students receive a Bush Christmas temporary tattoo and the school receives a native plant to improve native habitat on school grounds.

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