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Special places

Geography - People Live in Places

This excursion provides an opportunity for students from the local area to examine a special place near where they live. Following the geographical inquiry process they investigate what makes a place special and how they can care for special places.

Key syllabus outcomes

  • Students identify places and develop an understanding of the importance of places to people (GEe-1)
  • Students communicate geographical information and use geographical tools (GEe-2)

Key inquiry questions

  • What are places like?
  • What makes a place special?
  • How can we look after places we live in?

Inquiry questions

  • What makes the Royal National Park/Bungoona Path special?
  • How can we care for the Royal National Park/Bungoona Path?


Important places


  • investigate the importance of places they live in and belong to, for example: (ACHGK002, ACHGK004)
    • identification of places they live in and belong to
    • discussion of why places are special and how people care for them
    • explanation of why people need to take care of places

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander places


  • investigate the Country/Places important to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Peoples, for example: (ACHGK003)
    • identification of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander site, Country or Place
    • discussion of why the site, Country or Place is important

Locating places


  • investigate how the location of places can be represented, for example:  (ACHGK001)
    • location of familiar and local places on maps
    • description of the location of places

Learning experiences


  • explore the use of a special place by the Dharawal people
  • learn about Dharawal resources and sites
  • listen to a Dreaming story
  • participate in sensory activities on a bushwalk, such as mirror walks, blindfold partners, nature art and sound map
  • learn how to care for special places
  • create a pictorial map or nature map of a site
  • tally features

Recommended excursion site