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Earth and environmental science

Module 4 (human impacts)

Bundeena and Jibbon provide an excellent case study for the impacts of humans on the environment. As students walk through Bundeena and along Jibbon Beach, they examine soil, stormwater management and the impact of introduced species. They will encounter evidence of introduced plants and animals, including the Rusa deer, foxes, dogs, asparagus fern, mother of millions and prickly pear.

This excursion contributes 5 hours to a depth study. An example of a depth study supported by this excursion is:

  • How effective is the management of the introduced Rusa Deer in the Royal National Park?

Key syllabus outcomes:

A student:

  • designs and evaluates investigations in order to obtain primary and secondary data and information EES11-2
  • conducts investigations to collect valid and reliable primary and secondary data and information EES11-3
  • describes human impact on the Earth in relation to hydrological processes, geological processes and biological changes EES11-11

Inquiry question:

  • How can water be managed for use by humans and ecosystems?
  • How does human use of land affect soil?
  • How do introduced species affect the Australian environment and ecosystems?

Learning activities may include:

  • Observe and summarise stormwater management strategies in the suburb of Bundeena
  • Investigate methods used to prevent soil erosion
  • Measure and record a range of abiotic factors
  • Conduct an investigation into the impact of deer hooves on soil compaction
  • Observe and record biotic effects of deer
  • Complete food chains based on observations and consider the impact of the introduced deer
  • Map evidence of introduced species, e.g., tracks and scats, using GPS devices
  • Record human impacts that favour deer
  • Observe and summarise methods to control or mitigate deer

Excursion site: