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Planning an excursion

Planning your excursion

What to bring

Expectations of visiting teachers during the excursion

  1. Each group must include a teacher from the visiting school.
  2. Ensure group size is maximum 30 students (to maintain adult: student ratio of 1:15).
  3. Maintain duty of care for your students throughout the day, including breaks.
  4. Actively participate in activities with your students. Where appropriate, you are invited to team teach with EEC teachers.
  5. Maintain discipline, manage challenging behaviours and support the EEC teacher’s instructions. While EEC teachers are experienced in classroom management, you are more familiar with your students and your school’s policies and guidelines.
  6. On bushwalks, the EEC teacher will lead the group and the class teacher will supervise students at the rear of the group, being the last in line.
  7. If an extremely undisciplined child/children need/s to be excluded from the activities, you will contact your Principal to arrange for their transport back to school.