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Living world

Science - Living World

Key syllabus outcome:

A student:

  • relates the structure and function of living things to their classification, survival and reproduction SC4-14LW

Learning activities may include:

  • Consider human activities and their impact on the site
  • Measure and record abiotic factors of one or two ecosystems
  • Record the flora and fauna observed during fieldwork; identify introduced species
  • Observe and record adaptations of plants
  • Draw and label a diagram of an animal and its adaptations
  • Complete food chains relevant to the ecosystem
  • Use sampling techniques to complete an investigation about living things
  • Observe animals as relevant to the ecosystem, e.g. bird watching, dipnetting for macroinvertebrates, invertebrate search, crab search

Excursion sites:

  • Bonnie Vale (mangroves, woodland)
  • Bola Creek (rainforest)
  • Please contact us to discuss alternative sites/ecosystems for this program, e.g. heath, woodlands or rock platforms

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