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Royal National Park Environmental Education Centre

Telephone02 9542 1951

Location and transport

Our school is located at:

159 Farnell Ave
Royal National Park NSW 2223

Maps end here
Maps end here

Note: you must confirm your meeting time and place during the booking process. Please find your meeting time and location on your Booking Confirmation sheet.

By road

If you are coming by bus or car, open our map of parking and meeting points and follow the steps below to get directions from your school to your meeting place:

  1. Click on Bus Parking under the name of the site you will be visiting
  2. Click on the Directions icon and Google Maps will open
  3. Enter your school's name as the Starting point and hit enter
  4. You should see directions from your school to the site.

Public transport

Most schools visit us by bus, especially primary schools. However, many high schools (particularly years 11 & 12) choose to travel by public transport. This can result in a significant savings to the total excursion cost.

The following are the most commonly used excursion sites that you can access by public transport:

Bonnie Vale, Jibbon, Shelly Beach (east of Jibbon Beach)

Train to Cronulla Station, then walk to Cronulla Ferries wharf and catch ferry to Bundeena Wharf. EEC teachers will meet you at Bonnie Vale OR at Bundeena Wharf depending on your excursion. Please check your information sheet to confirm meeting point.

You can check Cronulla Ferries timetable on their website or use Transport Info NSW to get a complete route from your school to Bundeena (including Cronulla Ferries).

Shelly Park Beach, Cronulla

Train to Cronulla Station and walk to meet EEC teachers at Shelly Park Beach, Cronulla.

Plan the train route using Transport Info NSW.

Karloo Pools, near Heathcote

Train to Heathcote Station. EEC teachers will meet you on the eastern side of the tracks.

Plan the train route using Transport Info NSW .

Further information

If you need to discuss transport options please ring the centre on 02 9542 1951 or email