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Earth's natural systems

Geography - Earth's natural systems

Program feedback

"Gave students the opportunity to examine real world examples of theoretical (Syllabus) content creating a link between classroom and environment. Students engaged hands on with geo skills with knowledgeable educators."

"The students all stated that they thoroughly enjoyed the excursion and learned a lot. They appreciated being able to go outside, walk into the rainforest and conduct fieldwork within a rainforest system. The work that you do is really important for building understanding and a deeper connection between students and the natural environment."

Key syllabus outcomes:

A student:

  • GE-11-01 examines places, environments and natural and human phenomena, for their characteristics, spatial patterns, interactions and changes over time
  • GE-11-02 explains geographical processes and influences, at a range of scales, that form and transform places and environments
  • GE-11-07 applies geographical inquiry skills and tools, including spatial technologies, fieldwork, and ethical practices, to investigate places and environments
  • GE-11-09 communicates and applies geographical understanding, using geographical knowledge, concepts, terms and tools, in appropriate forms.

Learning activities may include:

  • Record evidence of natural processes, cycles and circulations of one natural system
  • Observe and record connections between atmospheric, hydrological, geomorphic and ecological systems
  • Use GPS devices to read and record geographical information
  • Use a topographic map to record geographical information and understand the local landscape
  • Use instruments to measure physical components of the natural system
  • Complete a vegetation transect and quadrat study
  • Draw an annotated field sketch
  • Complete a précis map
  • Estimate percentage ground cover and canopy cover

Excursion sites:

Please contact us if you would like to study a different natural system.