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Connected learning

Video conference program

Our school connect with schools across the NSW DoE community. Through the connected classroom facility we deliver a range of interactive programs. Some of the experiences provided include: Easter Bilby, Royal National Park and Sustainability Storytime.

Pre excursion VC - this is especially useful for classes that include students with special needs as a means of orientating the students.

Post excursion VC's to follow up student questions and for the class to relay  to EEC staff their experience and subsequent research.

Fieldwork postponed due to adverse weather conditions staff from the EEC may be available for a 20-30 minute session discussing the route,sharing images of the area, giving an overview of the program and answering student questions.

Sustainability workshops - school designed for classes, enviro groups and SRC's.

Special programs - e.g. pre and post Sustainability Camp, post SLIPs.

Book into a VC program. See individual programs for details:

Register on Tuesday - Friday via Dart connections.